Provehito in Altum
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A Beautiful Lie 的一些真相

The crew refused to set foot on the glacier because it was deemed too dangerous

The weather was so cold that taking your hood off for a minute could result in frostbite. Their hoods were off for the entire video.

39 hours of film were shot. 5 minutes of slow motion were used, all and all about 1:59 of footage.

It was filmed from a helicopter by amatures, because of the dangerous conditions on the actual iceburg

The black lines you see in the video are huge slits in the ice. Thousands of others are unseen. The glaciers were literally breaking under their feet.

If you look closely during part of the video you can see pools in the glaciers. These are water pools from the glacier melting.

At one point (Though edited out) Jared slips and starts to fall down the slippery hill. He saves himself about 20 feet from falling off the cliff.

It took almost a year to plan, took a week to film, and 6 months to edit.

Jared directed, (partially) paid for, and edited the video himself. He edited it on 3 different countries while filming his new movie Mr. Nobody.
Jared親自導演、部分贊助以及剪輯校定這部MV ,因為拍攝新電影Mr. Nobody的關係,他在三個不同國家編輯這部MV

The original idea was to film in Antarctica, and the crew wanted it filmed on a green screen. Jared refused to back down and Greenland was eventually chosen for the video (And no green screen was ever used)
最初的點子是要在南極洲拍攝的,而拍攝團隊只希望在Green Screen(就是氣象預報員用的那個,有綠幕的話就不必親自到那邊,用現在的科技做特效就行了)拍就好了,Jared拒絕放棄,最後選了格陵蘭(整部MV裡面沒有使用任何綠幕!)

The idea of the video was to show the world what we're losing by not caring about the environment. These beautiful glaciers are melting, and aren't only effecting those who live by.

The band had to carry all of their own equiptment on and off of the helicopter. In the scene with the flags, the helicopter caused so much wind that Shannon's drum set would go flying 30 feet away.

192 kinds of insurance were required to shoot the video.

It was so dangerous that the helicopter crew said if not returned to the chopper at a certain time, they would leave without them and the band would have to sleep on the glacier.

When Jared got the tapes to edit, the company gave him the wrong playback machine. He had to pay thousands of his own dollars to rent the correct machine.

For every pound of carbon emissions, they purchase green tags to offset the environmental damage.
每一磅碳的排放他們都有買Green Tags(也就是再生能源交易配額,在美國,再生能源提供者每發電1度(1000千瓦/小時)可得1單位的TRC(或稱green tag),其所發出的電力可併入電網,而TRC可以到市場上出售以獲取額外利潤)來抵銷對環境的破壞

And the most honorable thing of all, after shoveling barels of his own money into this video, EVERY DIME FROM THE PROCEEDS OF THIS VIDEO GO TO THE NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)
最厲害的是,在他把自己的錢大把大把鏟進這部MV之後,MV所收入的每一分一角都捐給了NRDC(Natural Resources Defense Council)